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Fan-back Windsor

The fan back Windsor chair was developed in the 1760s and exported from Philadelphia and New England throughout the American colonies. This fan-back side chair features uncarved turned up ears that rise higher than the center of the crest rail (typical of the Connecticut style), as well as a modified shield seat. It also features Philadelphia baluster and ring style tapered legs (1765-1790). The back posts, typical of fan backs, are carved and mortised directly into the seat. They are long and drawn out with a short taper.

Price as shown: $950


The fan-back side chair was introduced in North Eastern U.S. around 1760. The back stiles, are carved and mortised directly into the seat and topped with a curved crest (featuring either turned up or turned down ears).  Also typical of this style of chair ours has nine spindles (not including the brace if present).

As with all of our Windsors, each chair begins with locally milled green lumber. Every seat is hand-carved from Eastern White Pine. We do all of our turnings by hand on a lathe out of maple or black birch. Every spindle is rived and shaved on a shave horse to ensure the grain is left unbroken from end to end. This traditional process is repeated on the chair's back before steaming and bending. The legs are set using a traditional tapered lock joint which increases the chair's stability. Finally everything is wedged, hand sanded and finished with your choice of colored lacquer or milk paint. Every piece is custom made to order allowing us to tailor each commission to your specific needs.

sizing varies slightly by piece

  • 17-18" seat height
  • 39"-40" standard back height
  • 20"-21" width

Price:   starting at $950.00

Value added options:

  • rockers ($300)
  • carved volutes on ears ($125)
  • tail brace ($50)
  • distressed finish ($50)
  • multiple paint colors (each additional paint color $50 limited to three colors)


The yellow chair (seen below) has a Philadelphia influenced comb with uncarved turned down ears—it also features a tail brace. Typical of this style of chair ours has nine spindles (not including the brace) set into a shield seat.

Price as shown: $1000


All of our Windsors come standard in Milk Paint with two coats of oil as a top coat. Color options are shown below on the chart. Inquire for non-standard colors.

CLICK on the image below to enlarge.

Old Fashioned Milk Paint color sample chart.



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 distressed ($50)
 multiple paint colors (each additional paint color $50)

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