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Monticello Revolving Table®

Monticello revolving table

The original of this oblong mahogany Revolving Table sits in the Cabinet of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello home. It was one of three elements that made up Jefferson’s reading and writing arrangement in his Cabinet. It was likely made in the Monticello joinery and considerably altered over time.  It initially featured a rectangular table top, which was replaced by an oblong revolving top. The apron was amended to accommodate Jefferson while he worked and stabilizers were later added as stretchers between the legs. For more information on the history of the original table, see The Worlds of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello by Susan Stein (1993:287).

All of our licensed pieces are custom commissions, hand-crafted in our boutique studio. The Monticello Revolving Table® is part of our licensed Monticello furniture collection.

Price: $3500