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George Washington's Uncommon Chair

A reproduction of Thomas Burling's revolving "uncommon" chair purchased by George Washington in 1790. Ours is solid mahogany with green leather upholstery.

George Washington's Uncommon Chair

The original of this one-of-a-kind reproduction "Uncommon Chair" sits in the study of George Washington's Mount Vernon estate. Washington purchased the chair from New York cabinetmaker Thomas Burling on April 17, 1790, for £7. It combines the sleek, contemporary design of a French bergre en gondole (an upholstered barrel-back armchair) with a unique swivel mechanism made of four bone rollers that allows the circular seat to rotate.

Thomas Jefferson had a similar chair, also purchased from Burling. We offer a licensed reproduction of the Monticello Revolving Arm Chair® 

Rolling, or swivel chairs, were "uncommon" during the 18th century. Washington enjoyed the chair and used it throughout his presidency. After he returned home to Mount Vernon in 1797 he placed the chair in his study, his most private of spaces, where he used it for the remainder of his life.

Our reproduction is solid mahogany (though the original featured mahogany veneer and a white oak secondary frame), with solid brass casters and tacks, and green leather upholstery.