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We can work within a full genre of architectural styles, recreating original moldings or updating a staid interior with a unique contemporary design.


Solid Wood Molding Specifications:

We at Chicone Cabinetmakers are committed to maintaining the highest level of quality in all our products. Natural hardwoods are a living medium and certain inconsistencies and variations are inherent in the wood itself. We strongly believe that these natural variations contribute to the character and beauty of natural hardwood moldings. These may include, but are not limited to, color variations from sapwood and heartwoods, knots, and worm holes. Cosmetic variations, however, will not affect the structural integrity of the moldings.

Our machining process may reveal additional characteristics of the wood such as minor bows, twists, and crooks. These natural variations will not affect product quality or workability. Molding will exhibit some machining marks but we strive to eliminate all chatter marks. When the moldings are 3-1/2" or wider, there may be at least one glue joint running the length of the piece.

We offer our moldings by the lineal foot. We will mill according to your length specifications as availability of material allows.

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